History & Fun Facts about Pescadero, CA


The beautiful coastal town of Pescadero located only an hour and a half away from San Francisco has been preserved in large because of the rolling hills, creeks, and parks that surround it.

Officially established in 1856, Pescadero's heyday occurred in the 1890s when excellent trout fishing helped establish it as a booming seaside resort.

Visitors who braved the grueling mountain stage crossing to Pescadero in the late 19th century found vine-covered lodgings in Sarah Swanton's hotel and happy "gem" hunting at Pebble Beach. 

Today, after a more comfortable car crossing, visitors can still find quaint cottages along Pescadero's main streets.

Fun facts about Pescadero's history:

  • The first frame house was erected in town in 1851

  • The Pescadero Community Church is the oldest surviving Protestant church on the Peninsula. Built in the classical revival style in 1867, it was declared a state historical landmark in 1984.

  • A one-ton cheese was donated by the Steele family to the Sanitary Commission during the Civil War

  • The general store owner J.C. Williamson was known for providing generous interest-free loans

  • The famous Duarte family tavern was destroyed by fire in the 1920s, but the original bar was saved. It can be seen in the modern-day Duarte's Tavern, still family-owned, generations later.

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